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Ritual Candles - Dressing Them, and More
by: Kestra Imani
As you read about rituals, candles, ritual tools and altar supplies, you've likely come across hundreds of opinions (all correct, of course) about what to do with candles. You've likely seen lots of information telling you to "dress" your candles prior to ritual.

So what does "dressing your ritual candle" entail? Do you make a cute little hat and dress for your ritual candle? Can you find some cute little shoes and a blouse? While you COULD do that, it would then be a bit difficult to burn the ritual candle, so perhaps this article should cut to the chase and tell you how to dress your ritual candle.

Please note: If you buy Enchanted Works Ritual Candles from Crystal Journeys, or other heavily pre-scented candles, they are ready for ritual, appropriately scented, and all you have to do is light them. They are "ready to go." You CAN dress them if you would like, but they are so highly scented, that you may possibly get two highly incompatable scents that might make you see strange things. While hallucinations might be part of some people's rituals, they are not always desirable. So please be careful out there, ok?

There are as many opinions on how to properly dress a ritual candle as there are on what color or style candle you should use for each working. In other words, as many opinions as there are ritual candles. These techniques are suggestions that you should take or leave depending on your own personal ideas. Don't let anyone tell you there's only "one true way" to dress a ritual candle. "One true way" ism is not Kestra's idea of Wicca.

The ritual candle's flame is the "head" of the candle, and signifies you. The bottom of the ritual candle is the "base" and signifies the world outside of you. This makes it easier to think about, at least from personal experience.

If you want to bring something to you, whether it be good health, happiness, positive thinking, or whatever it may be, dress the candle from the outside (base) to the top (head). Kestra likes to make a spiral by taking a drop of oil on your finger (make sure it's not overly strong essential oil that will burn your finger) and working from the bottom of the ritual candle to the top in a spiral. Kestra goes clockwise for drawing spells, and does them in the waxing part of the moon phase. You might wish to affirm your intention as you do this, and ask that it manifest.

Conversely, if you want to draw something away from yourself, such as negativity, someone else's energies from a tool, sickness, unhappiness, etc. all you need to do is reverse the process. Start at the head of the ritual candle, and sprial down to the candle's base, counter clockwise, during the waning part of the moon phase.

Of course, if you find something that works better for you, by all means use it. There is no "one right way." If it feels right to you, why not use it. The worst that can happen is that you offend the powers that be and get smitten with a lightning bolt :-).

About the author:
Kestra is a Wiccan Priestess, Master Herbalist, and Reiki Master, offering the best in practical information, unique and useful altar tools and ritual supplies at an online shop called Enchanted Works. Please check out our offerings at www.enchantedworks.comGuaranteed not to be your "same ole" Wiccan shop.

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